Dan Mace – a story of just smacking it

Dan Mace! a young alternative film maker looking at the world from a different angle and that’s not just through the lens of his camera and adding not being normal gave him a roller coaster experience and with all these decisions molding him into the creator that he is today.

From a young age Dan has always done things not according to the norm and has this internal alarm that starts screaming soon as he finds himself in a place we all know called the comfort zone. Dan being focused to show the good, the honest, the change, gave him outlet to deal with his depression and loss at times and through this we see his exceptional ability to tell a story like no other. All these attributes are portrait in his films uploaded to his Youtube channel that tells a very colorful story of Dan Mace’s journey through life.

His humps of happiness gave us all a different outlook on life, with the nature of Dan’s films he shows you how the grass is greener on the other side without applying force, leaving you wanting to change your outlook on life and see things for the good that’s hidden in us all. His emotional intelligence not only allows him to get into these (lets put it this way) interesting situations but also has the hero like ability to rescue himself from them. The journey Dan sees as his life I personally see as an inspiring story that motivates me to do even more.

His “comfort zone” alarms went off again and Dan decides to tear up the box, burns it and finds himself working with the legend Casey Neistat in New York city, starting one of the most ambitious projects called 368! This is done by creators for creators to help grow the whole community and provide a hub for creators to improve in every aspect of content creation.

In this new environment Dan finds himself far away from any comfort zone and embraces the concept to JUST SMACK IT!
And commits to evolve his own content and scratch every creative itch he has ever felt. Dipping into animation to find new outlets to tell the stories running amok in his head.

The journey of Dan Mace is a true roller coaster ride where you find yourself with your hands in the air screaming (of delight and inspiration and those good stuff) most of the time sitting back in aw and amazed feeling inspired. I’m truly blessed to know creators like Dan Mace (unfortunately not personally…. yet, I’ll invite you to a braai and we’ll smack that) but being inspired to creator and not be normal and JUST SMACK IT!

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