El Burro – A Mexican fiesta

When I recently came down to Cape Town on a short-term loan from our Johannesburg office, I was excited about a lot of things, but mostly about being in the foodie capital of South Africa.  I made a list of restaurants to visit while I was in the Mother City and started visiting them one by one.  (For the purposes of full disclosure, the list kept growing and I haven’t ticket it all off yet).

The first restaurant I visited was El Burro, a Mexican place in Green Point.  I love the Americanised version of Mexican food that we know (let’s be honest – most of us have no idea what real Mexican food is).  I love sharing a bowl of nachos with friends. I love attempting to eat jalepeno poppers without making a mess.  I love the pitchers of frozen margarita’s and drinking shots of tequila.  But mostly I love how much fun is had around the table at a Mexican place.

El Burro did not disappoint and it was clearly a popular hang-out for the locals. It was packed. We went on a Wednesday night and didn’t think to make a reservation – big mistake.  Always make a reservation when dining out in Cape Town. Always. After the waiters scurried around a bit, they managed to get us a small table in the corner of the restaurant.

The experience was in one word: GREAT! The drinks were great, the service was great, the vibe was great but what really stood out was the variety on the menu and the quality of the food.

We started off with vegan chilli rellenos (smoked jalepenos stuffed with cashew nut cream, grilled under a flame and served with guacamole) for the table.  El Burro has an vegan menu with 2 starters, 4 mains and 2 salads. Although I’m not vegan, this really impressed me. It’s not often that vegetarians/vegans have a few options to choose from.

For my main course I had the chorizo con patatas quesadilla (mexican inspired chorizo, diced crispy potatoes, roast tomato salsa, melted queso fresco, served on corn tortillas and chimichurri salsa). It was worth every cent and every calorie. Everyone on the table enjoyed their food and most of us struggled to finish the big portions.

We were suitably impressed and had a great time. I will definitely go back to sample some of the other amazing looking options on the menu.

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