Francois van Coke – Forgive him for he did not know he will change rock!

To think the son of a preacher will change the face of rock and roll in South Africa forever. Being young, frustrated, uncertain and surrounding him with the right people at the right time lead him to be a front man that will live on forever. With his t-rex like hand and the mic in the other hand signing to a generation that sang the same songs back to him for thousands of different reasons. Starting a band out of rebellion and leading the Afrikaans rock movement from the front line Francois van Coke with the members of Fokofpolisiekar change not only our views on rock and Afrikaans music, but also South Africa.

In hindsight you can now say yes, it was all worth it, but from shows being canceled to receiving death threats was the order of the day for this young rockstar. To our delight he just never gave a damn and follow a dream starting bands like Fokofpolisiekar, Van Coke Kartel collaborating with everyone from Jack Parow to Karen Zoid. At the time it must have felt like choosing one of the most difficult stream to go up against but at the end emerged victorious and changed music in South Africa and paving the way forward for so many young South African musicians.

Francois being the role model in most of our eyes and showing that it’s ok to be different. Quickly moving to legendary status and having a cult like following. Giving a voice to a generation that was sick and tired of following. Leading most us from our teenage year to becoming the adults we are today. Without consciously being focused on motivating and inspiring us to follow our dreams and even thou you’re getting resistance you’re most likely moving in the right direction.

Now growing from young rockstar to rockstar family man Francois is not turning on the breaks. He’s growing to even more prevalent figure. Growing his fan base in his solo career and getting thous who hated him to now buy his songs and enjoy his music. Being one of a few artist that can stay relevant generation after generation is truly a mark of an amazing artist and like I said live on forever as Francois van Coke!

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