Jake Kassan

Since we started Disruptive Intent I’ve always scoured the internet for entrepreneurs to draw inspiration and motivation from. In my search I’ve found Jake Kassan 26 year old serial entrepreneur, who started his disruption at the age of 16. Where most of us only find that we are not made for the ordinary 9 to 5 after spending years at school then starting that “dream” job only to realise that it’s not what you are made out to be.

During Jakes time at school he felt what I believe most of us felt during school but the difference with Jake he took matters into his own hands and realised he had bigger dreams in mind. Now I’m not saying quit school and start your own business after your first class that you don’t like but find a goal to work towards and make sure you are motivated and dedicated to achieve your goals your are destined for. Jake had the entrepreneurial spirit in him from a young age where at 12 he was selling lollipops at school. Already showing his business mind at work he sold the lollipops for 25 cent each and 5 for a dollar young Jake was making $300 – $400 dollars a week at the age of 12. At the age of 17 Jake saw another opportunity but this time in the club scene. Where he was selling t-shirts with microphones and lights connected in them so when the microphone hears the beating dropping in the club t-shirt would react and flash along with the beats in different colours. He build up inventory with a loan from his dad putting up his car as collateral. He took the business online and also his first step in the eCommerce world with the domain NiteLifeDesigns.com. He raised his weekly earnings from his first venture as candy sales man from $300 to a $10 000 a week pay check.

Slowly but surely Jake grew his experience in business that lead to starting a kickstarter project to fund his next venture, using a crowdfunding to raise the capital not only helps you get the capital to get your idea off the ground it also create a following and a fan base for your product so when it launches you not only have funding but customer ready and waiting creating hype for your product. Jake created a brand LaPlante and with a decent amount of just over $100 000 and almost 3000 backers he was ready to launch his new wallet brand.

This lead into his latest venture is that inspired me the most, MVNT (Movement) watches was created out of necessity.Jake and his partner saw a opportunity in the market for a high quality and stylish minimalist watch that does not break the bank. Jake and Kramer saw they could sell the same high quality watches for a fraction of the price that other name brand are selling. With Jakes passion for eCommerce and building the brand online helped them sell over a million watches in over 160 countries solidifying them as one of the fastest growing watch and accessory companies.

The message from finding entrepreneurs like Jake is not trying to be like Jake Kassan but finding motivation in the success he has achieved to drive you to be able to follow your dreams and ambitions. Look for the key factor is the way he does think, what makes him tick how he defines success and let that help you to mold the way you do thing. See entrepreneurs like Jake as a handbook to teach you lesson he has learnt the hard way and apply those lessons in your ventures.



Here is a message from Jake.


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