Jason Webb

This weekend at the second Gymkhana Grid event in SA I got the privilege to witness some of the world’s best in action. A proud moment was seeing our very own Jason Webb, not only competing, but being one of the top dogs in the game and at the end going up against a drift legend Daigo Saito in a classic Mustang vs Corvette show down. Jason did not finish on the top step, but took second in the RWD class.

I took some time to read up on the story of Jason and again, like most greats in the game, we are now only seeing the results of years of hard work and dedication from Jason. He started drifting when some of us only started “borrowing” our parents cars. Moving to Kimberley with his dad got him the opportunity to train with, at that time one of SA’s best drifters, Otto Graven. On Jason’s first competition he qualified and finished second behind his trainer Otto.

Jason got his own vehicle in 2013 and climbed up to 2nd in the national championship. 2013 would proof to be an exceptional year for Jason in his own car taking the championship. Jason kept on this train of wins raking in another 4 in a row and in 2014 placing 2nd.

2016 Jason took a break from the National Championship and with this came a opportunity to compete at the Gatebill event in Norway. All Jason’s success and a bit of help from Roush and Ford performance, Jason was able to build his dream car a 5L Mustang V8. Jason now, with his new machine, goes on to dominate and put up and incredible show.

I’m looking forward to see Jason even more just to feel the rumble when the V8 hits the track and makes those tires scream as he slices through the track.

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