Who is Chris Rogers?

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa most likely with a GoPro in his hand. Known to us now as an adventure film maker, uploading quality rather than quantity videos to his YouTube channel.

If you follow Chris on social media, I think that might be the only way to keep up with his fast phased and actioned packed schedule. You will know that he has worked with some of the most awesome brands in the industry like Red Bull, Coca Cola but the most prevalent one will be GoPro!

You just need to give a quick overview on his social media to see Chris has a massive drive for adventure, give him a board and he is in his element. From wake to snowboarding you will see him crushing it and capturing every insane moment of his world wide trips, hence why I believe his GoPro is the perfect …. attachment to capture the radness of his adventures.

In all this and only being able to “meet” Chris once in my life. His whole relaxed outlook and chilled vibes, but insane work ethic is what motivated me to be better in what I do. Now I say this as an almost amateur film marker or lets say content creator but still he inspires me now as I start on a new journey to take life as it comes and just make the best of every moment.

So here is a post about one more person that is influencing me to do better and just go out and capture the adventure, if you want to know more about the Chris you can follow him on Instagram, on this YouTube channel and see for yourself.

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